Friday, 27 March 2015

David Rose Mistaking A Locution For A Fact

Sorry Tom 
What’s coordinated in your example are two nominal groups, a nominal group complex functioning as Verbiage 
What’s confusing is that one nominal group is an embedded clause 
Did he tell you / his real name or [[that he was called Hot Lover Boy?]]
Embedded facts can be found in section 7.5.7 of IFG 
The rank scale is a central component of systemic functional theory. Its description is developed throughout Chs 1 and 2 of IFG 
To help untangle these confusions see section 8.9 Logical organization: complexes at clause and group or phrase rank, and groups 
For the students

Blogger Comments:

[1] The projection that he was called Hot Lover Boy is not embedded, and so: not a fact, and not forming a nominal group complex functioning as Verbiage.  See analysis here.  It does not come pre-projected, but is projected into semiotic existence by the clause did he tell you, just as in did he tell you that he was called Hot Lover Boy?, did he tell you that he tends to arrive early? etc.  If it were a fact, it would be possible to render it as did he tell you the fact that he was called Hot Lover Boy?

Cf. fact as circumstance of Matter: did he tell you about the fact that he was called Hot Lover Boy?

In a recent post — here — Rose made the opposite blunder, mistaking an embedded fact for a projected locution.

[2] Rose would do well to take his own advice and consult the references he provides for Bartlett so that he can 'read to learn' — "for the students".