Friday, 19 July 2013

David Rose On The Relation Of Field To Genre

In a Sysfling list discussion entitled 'Political discourse schematic structure' on 19/7/13, David Rose wrote in response to a post by John Knox:
This is good advice, as the ideal method for discovering patterns is by comparison, where one dimension is constant and another varies. In this case the constant is the field of 'political discourse', and the variations are the genres through which it is realised.

Blogger Comment:

In the stratified model that Rose uses (eg Martin 1992), genre is realised by field (as well as tenor and mode). Here Rose misrepresents that model by reversing the relation as field is realised by genre.  To be consistent with the model he uses, he should have written "the constant is the field of 'political discourse' and the variations are the genres it realises", but this would have made the incoherence of the model more explicit.  For reasoned arguments as to why Martin's stratified model is problematic see, for example, here, here or here.

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