Sunday, 4 September 2011

4. David Rose On Instantiation

David Rose writes, in response to my comments on 3. David Rose On Instantiation:
All true but doesn't falsify DR's statement. How else are systems instantiated other than as structures in texts? DR's statement corrected CC's claim that "Co-textualised" meanings are only at the instance pole of the cline of instantiation — in text

My Comments:

[1] This confuses the cline of instantiation with the realisation relation between the paradigmatic and syntagmatic axes. The theoretical dimension of instantiation is the (intensive attributive) relation between the system and the instance (of the system). The relation between the paradigmatic axis (systems) and the syntagmatic axis (structures) is realisation (an intensive identifying relation).

Put simply: a structure is not an instance of a system.

[2] By definition, "co-textualised" meanings are meanings of the text. The text is at the instance pole of the cline of instantiation.

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